I have never heard of Jackfruit before and after reading the recipe of the BBQ pulled Jackfruit that was posted I got excited and was determined to make some.  However, I have been extremely busy today to get ready to meet our daughter and her family at a resort cabin tomorrow where we will stay til Sunday morning, so I didn't have time to go shopping to get some.  My sweet husband went on a search to find some canned jackfruit without any success and bless his heart he went to several stores in a search for it.  He did eventually find a fresh jackfruit and called me, but I determined that since the recipe called for canned, the fresh might have to be handled differently and since I've never heard, seen or tasted it, I was not willing to spend the almost $10.00 it would have cost to get one, so the recipe will have to be made another day, but I do hope we will eventually find some as I really do want to try it and the recipe.  If anyone can tell me how fresh would be treated  differently in this recipe, I might just give it a try even though expensive!  Another thing Paul looked for was the tahini that was part of the recipe of the Chocolate Hummas I made Monday, but to no avail.  Well, he bought Cholula Sauce instead so For today's experiment I put some Cholula In the Hummus and it did add flavor. So not getting to make what I had planned was why I was disappointed today.  I ate the rest of the Brussel Sprouts for dinner that I made yesterday, and I enjoyed them as lefters, so the day ended up OK after all.  Fortunately I'm a fairly flexible person!  Have a great Thursday!