I have not been on-line for a couple of day because my husband had a serious heart attack in the middle of the night.  We were blessed though because he got to the hospital very quickly and they were waiting for him to start the catherization and did put a stent in a small artery on the left side of the heart.  They could not do the right side because the artery is too small and it is 60% blocked.  The left side was 100% blocked when he got to the hospital.  I did find out my car which was following the ambulance at 1AM can go very fast and I was really shaken by the time we got to the ER.  We will be doing some different meal planning for a while.  Kind of going vegan to reduce possibilities of problems with cholestrol.  I am not happy with the decisions certain doctors want to make, so we are going to the VA tomorow to talk to someone about a second opinion about some of the  medications. I was also frustrated with the meals they attempted to give my husband to eat which had high fructose corn syrup in them.  And I was not as considerate as I should probably have been when I voiced my concerns about these foods.

I believe I blew all the lessons learned about on how to do with stress.  Actually I did not eat anything from the night before the heart attacked until we got back home this afternoon, nor did I drink hardly anything but a couple styrofoam cups of water.  I just stayed by my husband in the ICU and overnight in the room they moved him to last night.  I knew God was with us and was not afraid of the what if, I just had no desire to eat or drink at that time.  I also never left his room because I was afraid I would miss the doctors coming in and I knew he was too confused to remember what they would have told him.  So I did not get any exercising in, just sat in a rather uncomfortable recliner that I could not lay back on also I was freezing most of the time because I rushed out with just a pair of shorts and a short sleeve top on.  The hospital blankets are rather on the thin side.  I do understand that they need to keep it cool because of viruses and infections.  It just that my body does not handle cold temptations very well especially when I did not get very much sleep.  All that being said, I am grateful that the echo cardiogram test showed no physical damage to the heart muscle.  We are both taking it as a serious wake up call to go back to a stricter lifestyle changes and no more cheat days nor eating out a restaurants for an extended amount of time.  We did this a couple years agao and felt really great.  So we know what we have to do and stick to.  

I will not be on-line much next week because we will be traveling to South Carolina (doctor okay my husband to go) so I can get the mecury fillings taken out of my mouth and get to spend sometime with my youngest son on his birthday which is the same day as my appointment.  I will try to be on-line a little bit tomorrow and Saturday if time permits to catch up on the other members.  I will be doing more of the gardening on my own for a little while to we see how my hubby does.

I really appreciate being able to share my ups and downs with all the members.  I hope everyone has a great Friday.