A few days ago I was reading Grannies blog about being creative with her garden veggies and she mentioned roasting zucchini.  I'm fairly new to the choice of roasting veggies and I love Zucchini, so I decided to give it a go!  She also mentioned the spices she put on them which were basil, garlic and cumin, which she put on after first rubbing coconut oil on them.  My husband picked our garden this morning and came into the house carrying 8 fresh garden picked zucchini and 1 cucumber (from our backyard garden), so I took 2 and cut them up, rubbed on some coconut oil and sprinkled the spices on.  They were So good that my husband and I ate them up!  I'm now at a cabin with my daughter and her family and we will be having fun swimming and playing game for a couple of days!