Today I accomplished two changes:

1.  To change up my meals by trying new things, I chose to make the Fitera recipe titled Zucchini Lasagna Rolls! (Found in the Fitera Recipe section of this site).

2.  I changed a couple of things about the recipe.

     A.  Instead of using the marinera sauce suggested in the recipe, I used the fresh made spaghetti sauce that I made and was leftover from yesterday. (I had just the right amount!)

     B.  Instead of doing roll ups as suggested in the recipe, I layed the zucchini slices and the filling mixture and spaghetti sauce and made Lasagna!

Guess what?  The spaghetti sauce I made yesterday in this combo was delicious!  My husband liked it so much that he took a second helping!  BTW, he rarely takes seconds of anything any more!  Oh, happy me!

Today for exercise, I could only climbed 133 stairs, as we were very busy at our 4 hour service assignment today.  I also did a 30 second and a 45 second wall sit and I did three sets of 15 counter push-ups.  I finished the day by doing a Fitera workout 30 minutes.  It's been a wonderful day!  Have a great Wednesday everyone!