Hi All,

I am a new member.  I am interested in knowing the success stories of some.  I am a bit discouraged in that I continue to put on weight even though I am eating very healthy and exercise.  I have been on a mission over the last few years to find the key that unlockes my weight loss and I have been to nutrionists, doctors, tried many things on the internet and while all the info is good, my body does not respond.  In fact, my weight keeps going up and up.  So it's very disheartening to stick to a plan and find that I'm going the wrong way on the scale.  I have never had weight issues but  I do have thryroid disease and over the last couple of years, I have put on 10lbs a year which never comes off!    I have sunk so much money in this but I am not giving up.  I know there is a way to unlock the weight loss so I really need to know other peoples success stories to help me believe this can work for me too.