I guess I’m the best cook in the family—several of us are good bakers, but apparently, for the last few years, when we have a family gathering my siblings all try to guess what I’m going to make and bring. I have five siblings, so the conversation is probably fairly interesting. I guess it’s not really that any of the rest are bad cooks, I seem to have the knack to know how to match the food I bring to the event that we are attending. Honestly, I don’t give it that much thought, really. I just recently found out about this, but apparently it’s been going on for a few years now. It was quite a funny conversation about this through texts in our sibling group. 

At any rate, that got me thinking: what is it that you do well? We tend to focus on what we don’t do well, everyone has things that they do very well. I’d love to hear your responses, as I know there are many strong skills and talents within this group. 

I do these things well: cook, grow flowers outside, ride bike long distances, read, save money, and stick to a budget. 

Have a good week everyone.