Years ago when all seven of our children were home, on Sunday's, it wasn't uncommon to have a fairly big meal early in the afternoon and in the evening we would have popcorn.  We would have it unsalted, salted, buttered, caramel, glazed or any sort of a variety of ways.  Today after church, we had a large mid afternoon meal at one of my sons home as part of a birthday celebration for his oldest son.  As a result this evening I was not particularly hungry for a meal and also Fitera's 'Almond Joy Popcorn' is a recipe that's been in the back of my mind for some time now.  Putting all thoughts together, I decided to take a step back in time and make a Sunday evening popcorn, so I made the Almond Joy Popcorn and though it's something that should be eaten earlier in the day, at least it's a healthy choice, right?  Know what?  It was pretty good!  Thanks Fitera, both for the recipe and this weeks challenge!