Yes, this is a two fer one blog.  You see, yesterday our internet service failed me completely, and I could not get into Fitera at all!   I had a busy day at our service assignment, and while in the building, I climbed a few stairs for a short period of exercise and I had planned to do a Fitera workout when I got home, but with the internet down, that didn't happen.  However, because years ago I had downloaded a book called 'Ultimate Guide to Stretching and Flexibility' by Brad Walker, I was able to pick and follow stretching instructions enough that I stretched for 15 minutes.  Today was another busy day at our service assignment and when the evening cooled down from the almost 100 degree weather, I mowed both the front and the back lawn.  This evening I stretched only five minutes  however, it sure felt great!  I'm loving this stretching challenge, and am enjoying reading and learning many variations of stretches!  Have a Happy Thursday!  I know I will because my husband and I are headed to Yellowstone tomorrow morning!