Last night when I blogged I said I needed to get to bed to keep the gremlins away.  NO!  Not gremlins, it's ghrelins, which as taught by the Fitera post yesterday, ghrelin is the hunger hormone, and can become a problem for us if we don't get enough sleep!  OK, now that I corrected that mistake, I'll report that today was so busy at our service assignment that I was only able to go up the stairwell once so I only climbed up 133 stairs today, but I did add a Leslie Sansone 2 mile walk while holding a set of 3 pound weights after I arrived home.  I also finished my last meal just before 8:00 pm (unfortunately we are regular late eaters- something that I recognize needs to be changed!) I then brushed and flossed my teeth shortly after and plan to go to bed a little earlier than usual, after all I don't want a visit from the ghrelins!  Pleasant dreams everyone!