Last post was July 10...where did the time go. Since then we have had grandkids for 2 weeks at the cottage, put in 2 windows on the log cabin, babysat for 4 days in Sept and planned a 2 week hike in Southern France. I have been really bust but alas, still have not made it to the gym because we are away so much. I have faithfully done full pushups twice a day and am working my way back to the 25 to 30 I was able to do a few years ago. I am up to 18 now. I do as many as I can full, then finish up to a total of 30 from my knees and each day i can usually add another full on to the total. i will get there.

We will also be hiking 230km in October over 14 days so that will be a good exercise as long as I do not enjoy too much of the foods France has to offer at the end of the day!

In March I will turn 65 and my goal is to beĀ  back to my best weight of 135-137 by then. I have enjoyed 8 years of being in good shape but the last year really hit me hard with family loss and inactuivity and I have some work to do to get back to where I was....not insurmountable, but still challenging. I wish I could be more active here on the site, but our lifestyle does not seem to facilitate that too easily. No complaining though...busy is good...but I do miss the community!

A big shout out to any of you who remember me!! I am not lost or gone, jusy BUSY!