today I was on the go from 7:30 on and so I did eat supper at 8:30. We got out of Bible study at 8:00 and had no time prior to eat. So I did eat after the 8:00 cut off and I so wanted to hit this challenge every night. So far I am off on two days. Hit it on one. 

At church they have an Exercise 101 class. I have not been able to work it out to go but in our class room tonight I found printouts of what they do. I grabbed one for myself, one for my sister and I am going to scan it to send to a couple friends. There are 41 exercises on the sheet. 

I'm excited to get the mail tomorrow. My old Blender bottle broke. I dropped it and it cracked wide open on the bottom. So I ordered two from Amazon on a special. My new one is orange and Im excited because it is 28 ounces where as my other one was quite a bit smaller. The pink one I will save for my friend who is coming with her husband next year to stay with us for a month. One of her favorite colors is pink.

I got my sisters birthday box mailed today. UPS was not any more expensive than parcel post and no long lines.  Oh and I picked up my new blackout shades today. The others have been up for 10 years and two are in great shape. The one I open all the time has major tears and then fell off the window completely. My husband figured out a way to get them back up while we waited for this order. So soon I will feel like I can lay on the bed and read at night without thinkins someone can see thorugh the shades. 

I also found a pair of Elle sunglasses on sale for $12 today, normally $30. Kohls has great sales. There was a dress I wanted to buy in a medium for $12 but even at my lowest and I have never been thin, I was never below and XL so I left it hanging there. Do I really need one more thing that doesn't fit me now. NO I don't. 

I printed out several soup recipes today that are low carb. With Autumn starting to show up they will soon be good warming choices. One is a Creamy Rueben and the other is a Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Smoked Gouda Bisque.  I never made it to the grocery store today but tomorrow I want to get bone in pork chops and I can't wait to have that. I also printed a recipe for  Mini Meatloaves and Lettuce Wrap Burritos.