to a new challenge but I am going to keep focusing on the vegetables. The variety and fiber content as a whole makes me feel good and all that nutrition. 

Today I cooked a bag of chicken tenders. I baked part of it in the oven for use in Caesar salad and also as a meal with vegetables. The other half I boiled and will section it into Ziplock bags for stir fry. If I haven't mentioned this before the Kirkland Stir Fry vegetables from Costco are the best and I buy two bags each month and then divide it so there are two cups in every zip lock bag for our stir fry lunch or supper. 

Tonight I ordered a years subscription to The Writing Magazine as I enjoy writing and I have been wanting to try a couple things. Now to map out the time. Always the hardest part. I told TImothy I think I will just go to the church and ask them what room I can use to do some studying as I don't seem to be able to quiet my body or mind down enough at home to do all the things I want. Think I will take my calligrapy there once in awhile too.

A friend gave me a gift of Primal Blueprint Digital Course on Keto Reset Mastery Course. So I have been listening to the videos and writing scads of notes as I can't help myself. I am a copious note taker. Sometimes I even annoy myself with it. hahah  Anyway I found it very interesting. 

She also gave me a Maria Houlden Course called Tapping into Health.It seems to be about being mindful on topics like emotional eating, ditching the stories that hold you back, moving past addiction to sugar or other foods. I don't think I am much of an emotioanal eater and I have moved past most stories that have held me back. I'm not drawn to the candies and sweets but if I am craving it is always the salty crispy chips. I feel fully primed to succeed. The thing I do like about books or classes like this is I like to do a lot of self examination about where I am, what I think, search out anything I have not come face to face with inside myself. To me it is a postive experience. So I am looking forward to starting that next. 

If all that was not enough I also have 4 online calligraphy courses I am signed up for. 

In my ladies Sunday school class we are going to be studying and writing devotioinals that will be made into a book and we will use it summer of 2020 for our studies. My pastors wife asked if I would be interested in being on the class leadership committee for this and I was so happy she asked me. It will be a great experience. I love those women in the class. One lady just lost her husband during a surgery and another's husband is terminal and one lost her mother, so there seems to be a lot of crying in our class, but a lot of compassion and coming along side others too. 

I'm not doing the challenge due to my leg still healing but Timothy and I found 3 videos on calisthenics we are going to do daily. He is removing all the extra talking and going to incorporate all the exercises only into one video for us. I did the first video today.