Today was a busy day at our service assignment, but I did manage to climb up 355 stairs, get a flu vaccine,  do a Fitera workout adding 20-30 second HIIT during the minute cardios, teach two lessons over at the church to a young man preparing to go on a church mission.  Lastly, but not least, I did the four Isometric moves while my husband timed me that I had decided to try to do most every day this week.  My results are:

1.  Wall sit - 42 sec. (an increase of 12 seconds over yesterday; 20 second since Monday)

2.  Plank - 45 sec. (an increase of 9 seconds; 17 sec. increase since Mon.)

3.  Abdominal Lock - 49 sec. (a 6 second increase; 18 sec. increase since Mon.)

4.  Stability Ball Bridge - 46 (only a 2 second increase &  a 6 sec. Increase since Mon.)

I leave you with a thought (and truth) I read this week, which was:

"A bathroom scale can help track your healthy diet, 

 but a more useful tool is your GROCERY LIST!