I know that this weeks "challenge" is to show gratitude each day, However, I have to say, and I don't mean this boastfully, but I sincerely and humbly feel and try to express gratitude each and every day, as I deeply feel a heartfelt gratitude for life itself and all that comes with it as I cherish my time on earth.  I know that life's experiences influence our attitudes, and the gratitude I feel is no exception.  For one thing, my wonderful father sadly died at the young age of 56, and I lived much of my life in fear that I too would die young, but I am now 70 and going strong, hoping to at least match my mothers 90 year death age.  Also, after experiencing a massive stroke over 6 years ago, I feel extra grateful to be alive!   In fact, my attitude about life and all the challenges of aging, I often say " While I may not like the aches and pains of aging, I'm just so happy to be alive to be able to complain about them!"  (Smile)  So as part of the challenge today, I sent an email of gratitude!