My husband has a constant cough so I had him to to the doctor yesterday. They did an x-ray and all looked good. I'm grateful for him and for the results. I guess his constant coughing is most likely an allergy and possibly smoke coming our way from the fires-air quality. The doctor did give him some cough medicine which isn't helping at all. I worry about the toll coughing like that takes on his body. 

My sister is having day surgery for kidney stones on Wednesday. I would have liked to have been there with her but she said it isn't worth it for this kind of thing. I was already to pack us up and head to Washington state. They offered to put her in the hospital her 3rd trip to ER this week and see if they could get her in quicker than Wednesday but she thought about our mom and her puppy without her and said no. I'm praying that stone will pass so she doesn't have to go through the surgery. 

As you know if you read my blog from yesterday I cleaned the fridge, have all kinds of nutritious yummy things ready to eat like celery, salads, stir frys, rasphberries and blueberries for those small bits of fruit.  So on with the day. 

I do live in a constant state of being aware of how much I have to be thankful for. My list is seriously long and unending. Right now I am thinking how grateful I am for my family and friends (which of course includes everyone here), the caring people at our church, the family puppy and to have a bed to lie in, a cool or warm house depending on the weather, a refrigerator full of nutritious food, good neighbors, a good mind that can think and analyse and I'm also always so glad that I have the gift of empathy for others. I guess in total I am thankful for the awareness/ability to see what I have a  positive outlook in life.  

I read an interview in the AARP magazine with Rene Zellwegar as she just turned 50. She said she doesn't look at it as aging, she looks at it as winning. I decided right there and then that is what I am calling it too. WINNING