First I want to say thank you to JudyC and Qtbarb for reaching out to me because I have not been on line for quite awhile.  Sometimes life throws unforeseen events into our lives which seem to change our focus into various other directions.  That is what happened to me.  I have been researching and studying many different health documentary series to learn has much as I can on to help my husband and sister with heart and brain health.  I have also been very busy with the gardens and canning.  During that time I did something foolish and received a nasty stomach burn from my pressure canner and then I also had a basal cancer removed from the top of my head which I am very thankful that it was not worse.  I actually received a great annual physical and my doctor was surprised on how much weight 26 lbs I lost since last August.  So far I have been able to keep the weight off even though my exercising is not what is use to be.  I am hoping to increase some of the cardio/reistance training by the end of October.  I have changed the way I am eating by intermittent fasting on a regular basis of 16/8 and sometimes 18/6.  I have also completed my second long fast by only having herbal teas, lemon water and Ultima electrolyte drinks for 8 days the beginning of August.  I am not doing a Keto or Paleo diet.  My husband and I only eat kind of what the Fitera program encourages but not a lot of starchy vegetables.  We do eat beans, brown rice and garden fresh sweet potatoes, but only a few times in a week.  We eat a large green leafy salad everyday and a little chicken or turkey.  I still have salmon, cod and a little tuna.  We also eat lots of homemade soups.  I believe I am getting burnout from listening to so many different doctors, and health speakers of which all have various opinions.  I am also happy to say we have seen an improvement in my husband's ability to concentrate on several construction type projects since we changed his eating habits to only my cooking, no eating out at all, nor eating at anyone else's home.  Everything is made from whole foods and I try to buy as much organic as possible.  We have also increased his vitamins and make sure he gets at least 8 or 9 hours of rest.  We have to watch his BP very closely and make sure he exercises on the treadmill the days he is not working outside.  I really miss staying connect with everyone and will try to be more diligent in reading and reaching out to everyone in this wonderful group.