A little overcast today but actually a very nice afternoon for walking. I must admit, hands down, walking has always been my most favorite form of exercise and one I engage in the most often. It's slow enough paced you can walk and talk at the same time,  it allows a person to think or reflect on things which is so helpful in opening up our mind, to think outside the box or to privately rehash things, all while offering you a very good cardio workout which releases those happy endorphins for a feeling of wellbeing. and It's even better when you can share it with your furry it's even better when you can share it with your fur friends. 
Yesterday I walked 10175 steps of recorded movements on my iPhone, That was of 8000 steps more than I did on Sunday.  But that is simply because I was not wearing my phone Sunday.  I did a lot of yardwork Sunday afternoon So I'm sure my steps for Sunday are close to 10,000. Let's see what I can get done tonight because I work graveyard and then tomorrow more yardwork if I can stay awake.,

Hope everyone Had a great day and I was able to get some walking in!