Hi everybody this blog is going to be considerably shorter than the last one.  I am surprised you didn't get bored.

How is everybody, hoping you are all recovering nicely from your accidents etc., I am always praying for you all just like you are praying for me.  It is lovely to have that.  I want to thank Pam like I do from time to time, not often enough, I really do appreciate seeing your support on the end of my blogs.  You are such a lovely young lady always there for us, which is admirable as you are so genuine.  I am looking forward to Ambers party as I know she will appreciate it very much, as she now is growing up to be a nice young lady.  Her hormones are settling down now, pleased to say as we have had some pretty hairy moments with her.  I think the age of 18 sees a turning point for teens.  I hope I',m right.  I have just read some lovely thoughtful blogs from my new US friends and it means so much to me, especially JudyC, she is so sweet, as well as everyone else.  My leg is feeling a bit better now, but I do feel that keeping the cold cream is key to a good outlook.  Enjoy your Wednesday everyone, and I must close now as it is 01.26am, and will speak again soon, hopefully tomorrow.