As I went to bed last night, my plan was to get up and even if I was hurting from my fall Sunday night, I was still going to fulfill my service assignment.  However, when I got up this AM I was hurting in so many places that my husband encouraged me to stay home and let my body heal, so, I did.  He went ahead, after fixing me some breakfast and hooking my lower back to a Tens Unit, and went to fulfill our service commitment.  As a result of my staying home, I knew he would have extra work to do, but he was willing to do it so I could stay home!  So my day consisted of alternating between icing my hurts and turning on a tens unit throughout the day.  This evening I most definitely feel a difference, and tomorrow I'm hoping to go with Paul.  If not wise to do so, I will keep on with the icing, using the tens unit, and, if needed, since my fall is now over the 24-48 hour period, I will begin to add heat into the equation.  After any injury I generally only use ice for the first 24-48 hours, and then I add heat if needed!  This evening I felt well enough to walk around a bit, so I set a timer and walked between our front room and kitchen.  I walked in a figure 8 pattern with the doorway serving as the middle or crossing point of the figure eight.  Now that may not make sense, but suffice it to say that I walked in a figure 8 pattern for a steady 20 minutes which isn't much, but it is an increase of over 5 minutes from yesterday!  Can't wait to quit hurting and be able to increase because like Tami (Pipergirl) said, walking is hands down her favorite form of exercise!  I concur with her opinion!  Happy hump day!