Hi Everyone!

I'm Suzanne. You can also call me Suzie but please don't call me Susan or Sue and spell my name with a Z. : ) 

My journey started when I didn't need to lose any weight but my friends were super thin and I desired to be thin like they were in elementary school. Then I had an unsetling event, you know, girls are mean in elementary years and I turned to food to fill the void of relationships. Silly me, but then kids don't always have healthy coping skills. Though I did start a healthy coping skill of exercising using exercise videos.

Since then it seems I have learned a little truth in one diet after the next. Which made me realize, just recently, I am always on a diet. Ugh! This is not the life I dreamed I would be living. I desire not to have a diet lifestyle but do desire to master my food choices, emotions and life.  

On the flip side, I do and have been exercising like they are teaching here at Fitera. Just need some fine tuning on this side of the equation. Unforunately, as you know, the nutrition weighs heavier in getting the results I desire.

I do need to increase my water intake and plan my meals. When I don't plan meals, I fail at eating well.

I just tried to get in shape by entering into a contest to win big money competing against everyone else. That was a failure with no winnings. There is a chance here to win! And I'm only competing against myself.

To be positive I say, "I can and I will!"