Think we are still doing our gratitude challenge today.  I'm thankful we went to bed with sinus headaches and coughs and decided to sleep in this morning which pushed us to the well side. Timothy is still coughing with whatever is going on with him but he is better than last night and I am totally fine. I'm also thankful I ordered a super nice Sorel waterproof boot for our trip incase I need them in the snow. I have never had boots this nice and I got them at a very good price too. Thankful for the sales right now. 

Our youngest son Jonathon built the coolest lights for his work area using his 3D printer. His mind never stops and he keeps amazing us. 

I'm thankful our friend Bill  who came to check on us today when he didn't see us in church or Sunday school and couldn't reach us by phone. Timothy had his off. We have never had a friend who cared enough to actually come to the house to check on us and it really touched our hearts. He is coming tomorrow for part of the day and to have lunch. He and Timothy are going out in the morning to buy his iPhone at T-Mobile as he will soon need to give up the company phone when he retires. 

Wishing everyone a good start to their week. Hugs all around.