We did make it out to the bush on sunday after lunch when the freezing rain stopped and the roads by then were fine. Managed to move a pile of gravel and fill in the ruts in the drive, but  the top 6 inches of gravel were frozen solid so it took a lot of chopping with the shovel to get htrough to the soft stuff. today we had company at the cabin for morning coffee so i was out there at 7:30 to get a fire on and get it warmed up. Started at 37F and got it to a comfortable 61 by 10:30 and 67F by lunch. It is below freezing still and the usn came out at about 3pm and everything just glistened with all the ice on the trees and grasses! It was gorgeous.

Tonight we are doing our pre-Christmas decorating inside as we will be on the run for the next 2 weeks. We have firends to visit in Tucson and then as soon as we get home we are off to Ottawa to visit my sister.

Now for routines...today I will talk about morning routines. i wake up really early...too early to even get up for the gym, so i always take time to just lie in bed and think about what I am grateful for and then do some emotional relaxation exercises that seem to just rid me of any tense emotions I may be feeling. This calm start to the day really gets me off on the right foot, even if there is a strenuous day ahead. Then it is off to the gym at 6:30 for an hour and home for a protein shake and some other breakfast like foods. The exercise boosts my energy and I am ready to tackle the day!