I sincerely hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week!  Ours began with packing last Monday, going to Salt Lake on Tuesday to do our Service assignment, and leaving from there to drive 3 plus hours to stay at the home of our second oldest son, who lives within a few miles of two of his siblings.  We stopped by the two siblings homes and by the time we got to our sons home, we were exhausted!  Our son and his family were gone as this was the year for them to spend time with his wife's family for Thanksgiving, but they had generously offered to let us stay in their home so we didn't have to have either of the two other families rearrange sleeping conditions for their children to accommodate us.  I'm so grateful that they would have been willing to do that if necessary, but I'm grateful that it was not necessary for this visit!  Thanksgiving day was so fun, and yummy as we got together with both families, ate plenty, played games, and put a 500 piece puzzle together while visiting!  On Friday all of us went to the community holiday celebration which they call "Holly Days"!  This medium sized community really know how to put on a full day of fun activities at no cost for anyone!  There were over 50 activities at three main locations along with a few extra locations for a single activity, and "Holly Day" shuttle buses were available for those who did not want to drive from one location to another. There were activities for all ages, some activities were inside (gratefully, as it rained and snowed off and on), and each location had some types of prize give-a-ways, all of which were donated by the generosity of members of this community!  For the children there were such things as bumper boat rides, large slides, pony rides, camel rides, face painting, a professional balloon twister who would let each one pick the color and animal or object they wanted made, and I could go on and on!  For everyone there were horse drawn carriage rides, bingo, ......on and on...and the day ended with a light parade and fireworks!  It was an amazing day and so fun to attend, and the cost was right! (wink).  We were amazed at not only the amount if activities, but of the quantity and quality of prizes that were given away throughout the day beginning at noon!  At one location the final drawing for the day was for a $2,000 steel safe which had been donated as a prize!  We had a great time there with our family, and I enjoyed the hot chocolate, warm apple cider, kettle corn, popcorn and a couple bottles of water that were freely handed out.  So fun!

We stayed at our sons home extra days as to avoid driving through the mountains in a snowstorm.  We ended up picking the perfect road conditions to come home in as the roads had been plowed and were dry even though there was 12-15 inches of snow on the ground most of the way home!

I have taken some time to read up on blogs last night, though I had no time to write any comments.   I have to say, that is was very touching for me to read about some mention of concern for my husband Paul and I.  He did have that one tachycardia attack last Monday, but we decided to continue with our plans anyway, and he has not had any more attacks!  I decided to do as last weeks challenge suggested to "take time to smell the roses" so to speak, and I decided to stay off all social media and took time to show gratitude to my husband and family by devoting my full attention to them.  It was wonderful, but, it is also nice to be back and read your blogs from this last week!  I have read this weeks challenge, and the only routine type thing I've done on this busy day was to play a word game and do a easy sudoku puzzle which I really enjoy.  Hope you all have a great Tuesday!