It has been said that "a change of pace is good as a rest."  Though I've been busy today, I do fill rested because I've done things I don't do everyday.  Since it is Sunday, one of those things I did (and do every Sunday) was go to church.  After church I had a class to teach, and it went well.  Since I have made it a habit to rest and not exercise on Sunday's, after I came home I sat at the piano and tried to remember the names of the notes and played a few tunes for about an hour.  I thought I ought to start brushing up the basics as I have signed up to take piano lessons beginning a week from tomorrow.  I am so excited!!!  I took lessons for a short time when I was a kid, and now, about 60 years later, here I go again.  I feel sorry for my poor teacher since I'm not really good at the piano, and I hope my playing does not ruin the good friendship I have had with her for about 46 years! (Smile)  My husband and I studied scriptures together this evening for well over an hour, and I think I've finally caught up with reading your blogs since.  Have a great Monday!  BTW, I'll be checking out this weeks challenge in the morning, and unlike last week, I plan to participate in it, whatever it is, and I hope you will too!