Hi everyone, it was great to see JudyC on here, it was also lovely to see Qtbarb again.  I love her wit, along with JudyC she cheers me up and I have missed not seeing her.  It is also great to have Pam's support.  I have done just 15 mins this evening, as I exhausted myself trying to get on the internet.  My laptop was playing up again, but luckily I remembered what Roy my son told me what to do to over ride it.  It took me forever to remember what to do. 

My daughter Helen brought her daughter Alex round to use my laptop and printer which we moved into another room sometime ago before we changed servers.  I didn't know that it all had to be programmed in to get it to print.  How dim am I;  lol.  I am just glad that Helen knows how to take instruction from Roy in order to get it right.  I haven't needed to use the printer for such a long time, so never thought of it.  Wouldn't would I, not being a computer engineer.  Lol,.

Well that is it for now, nust go now, as I have to take Helen to work today, in 6hrs time.  Bue for now everyone, see you very soon.  Take care all of you stay safe.  Oh yes, over here in the UK we had a Hurricane earlier, but now it seems to have gone away.  Can't hear any winds.  Phew!!!!