I did my morning stretches after my husband left for work and some exercise from a workout video.  It was a pretty good day except for the rain!  I'm getting tired of grey skies!  I need to see some sun!  Luke and I are back on schedule driving him to his classes during the day; he has a full load this semester, and if he does well, he will finish up in May.

Meal 1 - Scrambled omelet, mushrooms and spinach, sweet potato and blueberries

Meal 2 - Hummus and bell pepper

Meal 3 - Instant Pot chicken, I switched to a big salad instead of my green beans and sweet potato; some olive oil and lemon dressing

Meal 4 - celery and peanut butter

Meal 5 - Protein shake with spinach and peanut butter, and some chia seeds.  This helps with my sweet tooth cravings.

I drank 128 oz. water

Will do some more stretches before bed and some deep breathing exercise and I will think about the ocean waves as I linger off to sleep, lol.