Hi everyone, just a quicky, I just want to thank Qtbarb and Pam for comenting on my last blog.  I have done a 1 mile walk with Leslie Sansone, so I can't do the Fitera workout as I started rather late and must get some rest in a few minutes,  I have just bookmarked the Yoga exercises which Pam directed us to for our challenge.  I am going to start with the beginners one, as I once did a beginners course at our local college many years ago, and I did find it very beneficial, so thank you for that Pam.  The stretches are very beneficial.

Anyway, must go now as it is very late, so I think I will be doing the afternoon work run again.  It's like the School run isn't it.  Lol.

Bye for now everyone, Good Night God Bless you all, see you again hopefully tomorrow.