Today was a service assignment day in Salt Lake for Paul & I so I had the alarm set a little earlier than I usually get up on our work days so I could do the 6 stretches that were posted for this weeks challenge.  I have to say that it was worth getting up a few minutes early for as it felt great!  For exercise today, it is cardio day for me, was to go for a walk at the park with Paul this afternoon. Did it happen? Nope!  Why?  Because neither of us relished the idea of walking in the snowstorm that hit us.  The storm was supposed to come in earlier and I was hoping it would be over by the time we were ready to walk, but it came in about the time we would be walking.  My substitute of choice was to do a 2 mile walking video with 2 lb. weights in each hand. I feel pretty good about today as I also crocheted 2 scrubbies and had them done in time to give them away to 2 members of my church who I knew was stopping by for a visit this evening.  I studied some piano information and practiced saying the names of the notes in preparation for the upcoming lessons I'll be taking.  I'm so excited!  Now I'm going to do a few more stretches and head to bed!  Nite all!