Hi everyone, hope you are all ok,  on Tuesday, we went shopping together, after taking \helen to work, so it was an early morning start, so I was quite tired for that.  Ashamed to say that  didn't do any exercises on that day, and tuesday night, didn't sleep so well, overtired I suppose, today I said to myself I must do something about that, so yesterday morning, I did a Leslie Sansones walking video, which did what it is meant to do, so I feel better about that, last night, I did a 30min workout, which makes me feel I have achieved more.  Just for the time being, I have stopped doing the stretches Pam, as my joints are still  stiff when I bend in certain ways.  My feet and ankles are beginning to show signs of puffiness going, slow but sure.  My waistline is beginning to shrink as well, and my stomach which makes me feel better about myself.  It won't be too long before I get back to stretching again.  I have bookmarked these stretches in case anything goes wrong and I can't see them on Fitera.  Another good thing about doing more regular exercises is that the crampy feeling in my legs is beginning to diminish, that helps with the sleeping issues.  Nothing worse than waking up in pain with cramp in the legs.  Hopefully, I won't get cramp when swimming when I get back to it  which won't be too long either, just got to get myself more organised.

This morning for breakfast, I had porridge and small bottle of milk from that famous place, lol.  Lunch time, had turkey piece, with loads of veggies, I did 1 carrot, 1 parsnip, 1 leek, 1 white onion, 1 red onion, small pot of mixed beans and red bell pepper and sweet potatoe, plus white potatoe.  All finished off cooking together in gravy oh and garlic-three cloves a truly delicious dish with all the flavours fused together.  Clive dosen't like Garlic, which wasn't strong at all, but the garlic being giod for the heart and imune systtem, I feel it is a good item to add to some dishes.  I love it myself but it is so good for him.  We finished off with a small cheesecake, made with cottage cheese and rough base, probably digestive biscuit, and strawberry topping.  It was delicious.  Last evening, we had 2 crumpets toasted well as I like them crispy no desert.  No jam on them just margerine.  We can't have butter with anything as we both have cholesterol problems.  The year before last, I got a thrombosis which I blamed butter for this, It had to be treated so, I have to be careful.  I am OK with small amounts of cream. but that is all, and very occasionally.  Just to let you know, Clive had the white potatoes and I had the sweet potatoe pieces.

Well it is 8mins past two in the morning which is thursday, so I must go now and get to bed.  I think I will sleep well tonight.  Bye for now, see you again soon.