Why?  Well, though I didn't get around to blogging yesterday, I'm happy to report that yesterday and today I have eaten on plan, drank a minimum 100 ounces of water and have been active both days by going to Salt Lake to do our 4 hour service assignment. Also Tuesday I did a Fitera workout for 30 minutes and added HIIT for 20 seconds during the minute cardio.  Today, for cardio, though I arrived in S.L. too late to climb as many of the stairs that I would have liked to, I did manage to climb up the 133 count staircase one time.  After work, we went shopping, and after arriving home I did a couple of walking videos and my total steps recorded on my fitness watch was an all time high for me of over 12,000 steps.  BTW, I had a new experience of using rubber bands during one of the walking videos, and I rather enjoyed it!

I want to explain my choices for this weeks challenge for the last two days.  It's like this, at our service assignment on Tues, & Wed. we are able to get a lunch.  Every day we have a salad bar option with fresh fruit (most often a berry mixture), a choice between 2 types of soups, and/or 3 entrees, one of which is a healthy choice.  I generally choose the healthy choice option.  Tues. the option was a different sounding combo, but I thought I'd go ahead and try it, which was Brie chicken with apples.  I thought, what a weird combo, but I really liked it.  If they ever have that choice again, I'll definetly get it! I had it with a couple of veggie choices.  Wed. the healthy choice option was an opened faced brisket taco. It consisted of  a small tortilla topped with a specialty salad made with romaine, red onions and a specialty oil based dressing.  Then on top of the salad there was a few chopped black olives, feta cheese, brisket (cubed) and avocado on top.  The result was that the brisket was highly seasoned and I'm sure some of the spices used were some I've never used!  My opinion of it was that if the brisket seasoning had been a lot less spicy, I would have really enjoyed it!