Hi all, I have missed you. I am back as of a week ago today. I hit the ground running. We were gone almost 5 weeks. It was very busy, fun, nice, stressful. When we got home it was about 5-6pm last Friday and I hit the ground running. We unpacked the car which was loaded and then unpacked the boxes and suitcases. Then I cleaned house. Yep I couldn't relax until it was all fresh. I had cleaned it before we left but our neighbor who is so dear and sweet kept checking on the house and it rained while gone so the floors needed cleaning and we are on a residential street but there's so much traffic it is always dusty and well things settle even when you are not here and especially such a long time period. The next day was laundry. 

My mom is going to be getting some injections for pain but the first set we had to cancel as it snowed a lot and was very icy. We knew it would be hard on her going in and out and in and out to get to the appointments as it is hard for her on the best of days. Her shoulder is still dislocated and since she cannot survive surgery there is nothing to be done but we are going to work on trying to keep inflammation down in her body. Her other shoulder is bone on bone and both knees and her hip hurt so she is suppose to get cortizone shots for that. I'm sure my sister will reschedule the one she missed and then I set up an appt before I left with a doctor for her one knee and shoulder. They wouldn't let the one doctor do all the injections because for the other knee they said she had to go to the dr who did the surgery. However he retired so it is really the replacement doctor who took his place. I think my sister will be pushing on that when they go the 29th as they probably just want more co-payments. 

My sister and BIL went to Idaho for 4 days while we were there and put money down on a house that is being built and will be ready by July. Now we need to get busy. We are not as affluent as they are so we have to approach this a bit differently. I'd like a new build and it is a bit less to get one in Nampa or Caldwell rather than Boise or Meridian which is so outpriced now due to all the people who are moving there. They bought in Meridian which is where I had hoped to be. Anyway we need to see what it will come down to for us.  So I have been going through our place each day and packing up items to donate. Timothy took 5 boxes and a bag today to Goodwill. The other day we took a big bag of coats in nice shape to a community clothing box. Basically I have barely touched on this endeavor yet so I am sure there will be much more.  Then we need to pack up 90% of our house of what is left and stage it. 

I lost 8 pounds while I was in WA. I always lose weight there as they have a two level house so I have stairs that I do many many times a day. It makes a difference. That is the only thing that changed from when I am at home.

I have to get dinner going but I want to jump off here and go see what you have all been up to first.