I made a fresh batch of garlic hummus and added artichokes hearts in it.  Artichoke is the new thing today.  I really liked that taste!  Don't know why I haven't ever tried that.  It popped!  I had it with zucchini and summer squash and peppers.  I just have to to careful with the portions!  

Today was a wet day and was just out enough to get Luke to school.  It's been a cold week too, more like winter, lol.  I decided to cook some food in batches and have it ready.  I did a batch of sweet potatoes and cooked up some chicken to use later and then I cut up some fruit and some raw vegetables to snack on for me and my family. 

Tomorrow I heading down with my daughter to our main residence.  She has decided to move back there and got transferred back to her old job.  She was missing her friends there. I'm going to help her find an apartment if she can.  I may not be able to log in this weekend, so hope everyone has a great weekend!