Hi everyone, hope you are all good, we have had these really harsh winds for the past three days now,  They seem top have abated now, with luck.  I took Helen to work and brought her back both yesterday and today,   Yesterday, when waiting for her to come out, I arrived about 10mins early and the wind was rocking the car which was quite scary as there weren't so many cars in the car park, due to people parking elsewhere.  The winds did affect her office roof some of it had moved apparently.  Don't much like driving in high winds in case it gets worse. 

I am still starting the day with protein porridge, sometimes I have it plain with a little sweetener, not always keen on fresh fruit with warm foods like porridge. 

I sometimes have a little snack, could be anything not always anything good for me.  Naughty I know.

Lunch time we would have the leftovers of the previous evening meal if anything left over.  Quite often there is.  Sometimes I make a soup with any veggies in our pantry rack.

On Sunday we had a chicken roast using chicken breasts, as there were only Clive, myself and Helen.  We had Jacket potatoes, with assorted veggies, like carrots, parsnips, leeks, onions as well as a red bell pepper and yellow bell pepper, all added in together as you quite rightly say makes it more colourful and more tasty.  My Jacket potatoe was a sweet one which was just half as the other half was cut up into the veggie assortment, which I had forgetten to mention.  Clive and Helen had normal potatoes.  I think mine was the healthier option.  This was a delicious dish.  For dessert, we had a small portion of cheesecake.  Had nothing to eat after that,

Judy, I do hope you are feeling a bit better for your resting and gentle walking, I do hope it is all helping towards your recovery.  Keep your chin up, it is a shame you can't get to Church, or can you, if not you must be missing it.  Still you have a good hubby with you to help you out.  Timothy isn't it lol.

Today, I have done a  Leslie Sansone workout and a 22min Fitera workout before coming on here.  Yesterday, n ot so energetic, as I only did the Leslie Sansone workout.  On Saturday morning, we did venture over to the lakes for our 1 mile walk which we are starting to do, when poor Clive feels up to it.  He really does suffer with his eyes, you wouldn't have thought that someones eyes can cause such problems, he has always worn glasses throughout his life, so there is such a weakness there.  I do feel for him as he has been such a rock all of our married life, he has been such a good support to all of the family and I love him for that and many other things.   Anyway, I mustn't dwell, we have had a long and happy marriage and still do.  Must close now as it is getting late, and will see you all soon once again.  Hugs to you all and prayers for JudyC for her quick recovery.  Bye for now.