Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well, my daily routine has been stepped up by doing a Leslie Sansone walk workout, and the latest Fitera Workout, then another Leslie Sansone workout, later on.  Not all three one after the other, but the third workout by :eslie usually later on in the day.  I was surprised to read that JudyC tried jumping with her Sciatica.  Judy, take care, I just want to tell you of what did help me get over it.  My Doctor gave me a course of low dose muscle relaxant and told me under no uncertain terms, not to do any exercise at all.  I was quite a bit younger than I am now.  Please, please get yourself some of these types of medication from your Doctor, and see what he/she says about exercise.  I hate the thought that you are suffering the way you are.  You are such a bubbly happy person usually and this can't be doing you any good.  Are you able to get in touch with a Physical Therapist, as they would be able to give you advice on how to deal with this in case you are doing anything unsuitable foryour recovery.  I know that by going to my Doctor, was a good move and helped me to recover better.  I do hope you don't get the wrong idea from what I say, but just like everyone who you know on here, we only have your best interests at heart.  I do sincerely, hope you are feeling better Judy. 

Since the last time of being on here, I have been having my protein porridge in the mornings, I sometimes snack on two or three green olives,  m id morning and lunch times usually, have a couple of small pieces of chicken pieces inside a sandwich of lettuce leaves and I do feel this is quite filling, so don't need anything until evening meal, which is round about 5-6pm.  This usually if not a  stew with a cocktail of veggies, sometimes fish and a few chips, the fish is a boil in the bag frozen white fish in a thin parsley sauce, and a few sometimes normal potatoes, and sometimes sweet potatoe chips and frozen peas and sweetcorn.  This is the only time we have less than 5 veggies daily.  We have this type of fish and chips just once a week usually on a friday.  On both monday and tuesday, We both had a lovely chicken dish with our usual coctail of veggies usually 5-7 different types mentioned in previous blogs.  We have a small desert and later I have a green tea, usually as it makes me feel less full not to say it is quite refreshing.  We do eat quite alot of chicken and turkey as they are both quite versatile as well as being better for us than most red meats.  We have yet to try venison, as over here it is an expensive meat, which puts me off getting it in our weekly shop.

Judy, last friday evening just before our local Post Office closed, I sent you a letter, I don't know if it has reached you by now, as I don't know how long it takes to get letters to the USA.  If you haven't sent my birthday card, I would just wait until next year now, I have done that before now Lol.  It is nice enough for me to know that you wished me birthday wishes at the time.  I wasn't able to send your birthday card, last birthday, Judy, as Christmas was lurking and getting nearer, so I did forget it, but you did get Christmas cards from me.  I am not offended, so please don't feel bad about it, just get yourself better. the sooner the better. Take care now Judy and don't overdo the exercise, hugs and prayers are going your way from me.

I will be leaving now, bye for now, take care everyone.