Hi everyone, I have just completed my morning workpouts by doing my Fitera workout for 22mins, so I will do my 2nd Leslie Sansone walking workout later on today.  Yesterday, I did forget to mention our evening meal to be a Cauliflower Cheese with Brocolli, using 1/2 fat cheddar cheese.  Clive did it last evening as I had only just arrived home from bringing Helen back home from work. As well as the afternoon fun, I also did the morning run, which is why I was so tired.  It is beginning to take its toll on us.  As the car we are using for Helen is still being paid for, we can't expect her to take her driving test until this coming October when she will own it.  Our driving test has been made quite stringent nowadays, to try and decrease the accident rate over here.  As well as the actual driving lessons, they have to go to college and learn how the car engine works and learn off by heart the driving code.  When Clive and I started driving, it was just learning the Highway Code off by heart and the driving test, not needing the third element.  I don't think I would pass my driving test on the roads today.  The amount of traffic on the roads is quite hair raising, the younger drivers are not very disciplined on the roads today which I reckon is why we have so many deaths on the road.  The problem is that there are so many young drivers driving these high powered cars,  like the Audi. Mercs., etc., apart from the fact there are no age restrictions at the car dealerships, they are allowed to drive these cars which are too powerful for many of these young drivers.  I don't think the dealerships or any other garages, have enough say in what they recomend for them to drive in going with their experience.  I do believe, that when young motorbike riders, are restricted on the power of their motorbikes when they buy them.  There seems to be quite a difference between car purchase and motorbike purchase.

Anyway, I must go now before I get too carried away, byue for now, have a great day all of you, and a successful  exercise program.

Take care again hugs and prayers to you all especially JudyC, get better soon please.