Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well, I am so pleased to see JudyC back on and that she will progress to get better so soon.  I have missed not seeing her, she is such a lovely person.  Qtbarb, also she  really does cheer me up as well.  I bet she is living it up and having a really great time, and I can't wait to hear from her when she comes back.  It is good to see that some of you celebrate Valentines day, presumably depending where you are in the country. 

The winds have eventaully dropped, what a relief.  Our car Judy is a medium one but it still made a difference.  It is over now, a few people lost their lives, not many luckily, but devastating for the families who lost loved ones.  Something very, very sad happened over here last weekend.  A popular TV Presenter lost her life, the circumstances were awful.  I can't go into details as  it was devastating for alot of us over here.  I have been feeling very sad as she was a lovely person only 40years young.  Such a waste of life.  Anyway, I have got that off my chest and have to say onwards and upwards from now on, once again and got to get back on with it.  Judy you are a marvel, just like Qtbarb, feel very fond of you both. 

I have been off my exercises for a couple of days because of this, but not my appetite, having been keeping up with my veggies, carrots, onions parsnips, leeks, bean selection, potatoes [ not so many], I have been faithful with those, but my exercise went a bit by the board.  Today, just before coming on Fitera, I did do a Leslie Sansone video so I am getting onto it.

Must go now, as we have Helen here so I mustn't bee too unsociable.  Love and hugs and prayers to you all, bye for now see you very soon I hope, if I miss a day or so, I will still be thinking of you all.  Take care, especially JudyC with her Sciatica.