Hello my friends, I am in self isolation for work and personal. USA,  I have some important information to share and will post that tomorrow. The chinese after conducting autopsies of those who died from COVID 19  have made a few discoveries that they are sharing. Now remember this is from the chinese so I take this all with a grain of salt but  it all make sense. Do your research and use what you think will work best for you.  I will tell you the spread in the USA is unreal but only because people are not taking it seriously.  The malls were packed today, (Saturday) Yes, they were all practicing social distancing but still. Who among them was infected and spreading. WE DON'T KNOW!.  The few grocerey stores that were open had sufficient stock and not having anyone buying large amounts, only what they needed.  Toilet paper, God only knows why is still in short supply! I will tell you as a Vietnam vet that the malaria pills we took way back then apparently worked. I didn't get malaria but I wil ltell you I sure had to go to the rest room a lot and I mean a lot. As an aviator that was not always a great situation to be in. So I chose to stop taking the pills after 4 months. Still didn't get malaria. .However, if these pills are a deterent to the virus I'll glady take the pills. I just need toilet paper. and lots of it. LOL

I pray all of you are using the precautions prescribed by our health departments and using great personal hygiene practices. My hands are wearing out from being washed so much! LOL


Take care and Live well, move well, eat well, since 1950 George