Good morning my friends! 

Surreal...this is the first word that comes to my mind these days.  We are no doubt living in a surreal time at the moment, and with that comes many challenges.  

When this pandemic first began coming to light, and schools were closing, I heard some great advice for parents with kiddos now at home...try and keep some routine in the household, a schedule.  Do not treat this as summer vacation with late nights and sleeping in.  Granted, yes, there is likely to be a degree of that.  But equally for us adults, as with the children, I think it's key to try and stay within a routine and schedule for your day, at least most days, we all need a 'weekend' fit in there.  

Life wil eventually go back to normal, but to keep our minds in tact during this it's key to get enough rest, eat well, and get in some physical activity when you can.  Having a routine can help with this. Many parents are even writing out schedules for their children so they know what to expect of the day (both the kids and the parents).  This is something that we adults could also try doing if we are finding a routine difficult.  

Again, these are challenging and worrisome times, I hope you're each finding ways to find happiness and joy each day, despite the challenges.  Please everyone, stay safe, healthy, take care of you and your families. 

My wamest thoughts to everyone,

Coach Pam