As promised here is some information from Spanish collegues. After conductiong autopsies on some of the first victims in China it was determined that the Virus creates a mucus that obstructs the airway. In order for medicines to work the airway must be open.

So here are some safe guards that may help to keep that airway open. 

1. Drink hot liquids, coffee , tea, and sip hot liquids every 20 minutes. This pushes any virus present in mouth to stomach and is killed by gastic fluid in stomach.

2. Gargle with antiseptic everyday.  Salt, lemon, listerine.  NOt all mixed together but as separate methods

3. virus sticks to clothes. If you go out change clothes and shower. wash clothes, detergent kills virus

4. Wash metallic surfaces dilgently. knobs, handrails, vehicle interior surfaces. As much as needed

5. Don't smoke

6. Wash hands frequently with soap that foams  20 seconds

7. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

8. Animals do not spread this virus

9. avoid getting the commn flu, and avoid cold drinks  (see #1)

10. If you feel discomfort, such as sore throat,  take immediate action and do the above methods.  It takes four days for the virus to begin its move to the lungs from your mouth. Kill it in your mouth and your lungs will stay clear. 


Hope this helps,  be safe and stay healthy

Live well, move well, eat well, since 1950   George