I came, I saw, I went ... but I''m back.  

Being home in the isolation has been a good time to reflect.  I've spent many days re-reading my posts from over 10 years ago when Fitera started out as Fast Track To Fat Loss.  I had great success with the program.  A lot has happened over 11 years.  Good times, not so good times, joys, sorrows, success, failures, illness, accidents and all the things that I just call "LIFE".

Reading my blogs has given me great insight and determination to where I want to be and hope that I did it once I can do it again and again and again, if necessary.  Not unlike many who go through large weightloss, too many of us gain some or all of the weight back over time.  I am one of those stories.  I lost over 60 pounds back in 2009 and enjpyed a great vacation at Chad's condo in Loretto, Mexico.  Why didn't my weight loss stick?

Because I let it slip.  I am responsible and I let life slowly add 3 pounds a year onto my frame ... and what do you know.  11 years later I have 33 pounds to lose. I now get to reverse 10 years of slipping ...not paying attention.  Now at 208#, I am not where I was, at 240# back then, but I would be happy at 175 again.  At age 66+, 175# is an ideal target for me.


Back in 2009  my daily blogs were a source of inspiration, learning and discipline for me.  I wrote them for me, but I shared them with the community.  As I refocus my weight loss goals, I will revisit my blogs daily, especially my first 100 days to keep focus and attention on the possibility and success thay lies before me.  They were my "Lessons Learned" and will be my guide.  I am just thankful that Chad has kept all of them here on the site, safe and in historical order for my reference. Fitera changed my life in so many ways and will continue to change my life for as long as I am blessed to have it. I owe it to myself to honor me, love me and imroveme, so I can give back to others and be active with my children and grandchildren.


I may not post every day, but you all are in my thoughts and I wish you great success and happiness.  Be safe in these crazy times and I wish you great health.  

MNMAC (Mark from Minnesota)