Hi everybody, hope you are all doing what you are told, Smile, I am thinking about JudyC quite alot and hope she arrived at her destination safely and that she hasn't been stopped fo any reasonby the authorities, I think you know what I mean.  I hope also her mom is as well as can be expected.  We are self isolating just like yourselves over there, if we shop, we have to o early between 7 & 8am.,  on Tuesday I went shopping, I got my shopping bags together,  reading glasses to read labels and water bottle and phone.  Phone in case of emergency, sometimes I get a call from my daughter if she needs anything.  Helen my daughter is working from home as well as self isolating as she is Asthmatic so is classed as at risk.  Her youngest daughter is also at home from School we are hoping that she will be doing her homework which has been set for the School.  She isn't that keen although she is quite bright computers and mobiles are her thing just like many other youngsters.  Helen works for a big Inernational Company which deals with foods for Hotels, Schools etc.  She has recently learned that someone who works in the canteen as the until now, they haven't closed down the office, someone else from the office has got it now, we think they may have closed down.  They have had to close the office recently twice, for deep cleaning, but don't know whatever else has hapened.  Anyway, Helen and Alex are at home in their own flat round the corner.  We do keep in touch either by phone or face to face but keeping our distance as our front room is quite big.  We are lucky in that way.  Our Son Roy has comondered our dining room as his office.  Again, he is having to speak with overseas Companies as well as his office which he usually works from.  He has to do some face to face conference calling so we don't see much of him during the day.  He does stop for lunch and Clive deposits the odd drink on the table, Oh! desk I mean Smile.  He has to be rehydrated.

I think I've said enough, take care everybody, and stay safe and well and thank you all who comented on my previous blog, love you all  will speak again soon.  Qtbarb, luv ya, thank yo George and Pam  you are very much appreciated.