I just heard on the news, that a couple from Stevenage, who were due to marry last Saturday, obviously found they had t defer to a date unknown to them, they donated their three tier wedding cake to the Lister Hospital [our local Hospital] and the staff are enjoying their cake.  What a lovely gesture, I am sure alot more people are doing these kind gestures, there are some fantastic people around.  Spain have lost another 800 people in 24hrs.  The figures are always high over there.  They have had to ask nato to donate millions of what they need coming by air, they as well as Italy have been really badly hit.  Clive has just informed me that he was going to go up on the garage roof to see how it is holding out since his good work last week,and he says it is dry out the front of the house, and raining out the back of the house.

I am still doing Leslie Sansones workouts I do them mainly at nights.

I have just heard thar Mercedes Benz are making breahing devices to ease the pressure on patients needing the ventilaters.  We also have two that I know of Vacuum Cleaner companies, both cordless companies and they are making ventilators for the Hospitals.  We have alot of unlikely sounding companies making essential products for the NHS.

My daughter who came round to us yesterday for Sunday lunch on her own as Alex prefers to stay in the flat.  Probably just as well, the fewer visitors we have the better.  We are very lucky we are all able to move around unlike poor JudyC poor mom.  I do continue praying for her and her family, they are very dedicated which is a lovely quality to have.  I am doing the Sunday lunch for Clive who does the prep., as he has to be careful of his eyes.  Anyway, Helen comes round, so there are just the three of us eating together.  We eat approximately 1 metre apart.  Helen works at her flat and Alex her daughter stays in her room.  Helen has just made arrangements with her Company to allow doing things with her, like cooking, artwork etc.,  her neighbour down below her, has drawn a rainbow on a sheet of paper, with the words stay safe also and this is a nationwide effort to brighten up others lives.  Our son Roy is busy working in our dining room, which I have just learned that they make medical machines, don't know which, as he is the IT side of the company so he dosen't tell us much about his Company.  When he has lunch with us, he also keeps his 2metre distance, so we are all doing our bit to stay safe, which so far is working.

Spain is doing a minutes silence in respect of the 7,000 odd people who have died of this nasty Coronavirus.  Again a lovely gesture as they remember their relatives who have not been able to see them at their hour of need.

Anyway, love and prayers to all off you, and the Fitera staff who are working hard to keep Fitera going, I know they always work hard anyway, but nowadays is harder for anyone to keep things going for loads of reasons. Bye for now, take care everyone.