Especially for JudyC, on one of her last blogs, she was telling of tasting things like raw sweet potatoes,tried and not too bad, palatable, green courgette again OK but not as nice as this next one, I got hold of a yellow courgette on Saturday, so thinking of this, I thought we would try it.  It was lovely, nice and sweet, not expecting it to taste like that, don't know how many of you have used these, but I cooked it with the greens yesterday, and both Clive and Helen liked it.  I got this from a market stallholder the only one in the town at the moment, although expensve, it was well worth the price alongside the other purchases made.  I will have some raw with my salad today.  The weather is quite cool today, along with rain, but must be optimistic and keep on with th salads.

Yes Judy, I am still usng this temporary lap top, I heard from the menders of these electrical goods.  They are blaming the fault on the battery, so will not do anything with it.  They messaged me on this.  As this Company isn't an esential company like supermarkets and Pharmacies they have to stay shut until further notice.  They informed me that I have to pay £150.00 for a new battery.  I just use it plugged in all the time until I can afford to buy a new one.  Anyway, I can't get a new one until about 3 months time which is the norm at the moment.