...Mark (aka MNMAC).  I have known Mark for quite a number of years now, and been on several "retreats" with him.  It is a true personal joy to see him back in our community again bringing his words of perspective.

Mark's recent question to me (and for anyone really, with input), was regarding exercise during this 'stay at home' phase of life we're in...here is what Mark had to say/ask specifically:

"The combination fo several things have created both opportunity (time to reflect; RE-engage with Fitera: time to read and create possiibility) and challenges (weather; hip replacement with restrictions;, isolation, etc.) for me. What are people doing for exercise. The gym made it easy ... this home bound stuff is difficult."

First and foremost, retreat outdoors when you can for either a walk or some yardwork, the fresh air is truly some of the best medicine both physically and mentally.  For indoor workouts, there are MANY videos and apps available to us online.  YouTube is a great resource I have always suggested as you can do a search for very specific types of workouts (i.e. chair based workouts for women over 50).  We of course have our video workouts here on the site, and many companies are as well offering online classes such as BeachBody.  There is a cool app called "7 Minute Workout"...some folks may have to make adaptations, but that is okay - this is a simple app to use and you do not need equipment.  

There are SO many options, I think the key is to schedule a time in your day, just as if you were making the time to go to the gym, make an appointment with yourself for your workout.  This sort of goes back to when I blogged about routine - it's going to be key to have some routine to your life as we are all in this for at least another month.  

I hope you are all well on this Monday!  


~Coach Pam