Does every day seem like Sunday lately?  It is crazy how my schedule and my routines have been turned upside down with the "stay at home" orders.  I usually went somewhere in the car every day and used about 1/2 tank of gas a week.  I filled the car 3 weeks ago and still have 7/8 of a tank ... LOL.  Yesterday Nan and I did a short outing in the car.  We bought some small spring plants (mini daffodils) at Whole Foods (right by the door adn 10 steps to the check out) and delivered them to her sister and her two brother's families.  We set them on the porch and then texted them to look outside. We didn't hand them to them at the door or go inside to talk.  It was just a little pick me up.  Driving from our home in downtown Minnepaolis out to the western suburbs was a nice change of scenery for us and a welcome respite from our home (as lovely as it is).  The day was a beautiful spring day ... sunny and 60 degrees and plants are starting to sprout from the condo gardens and buds are forming on the trees.  We are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule so it is so welcoming and renewing.  I love spring.

Lessons Learned:

It can be easy sometimes on this weight loss journey to get lost in the detail, the science, the emotion and the angst.  How many calories eaten? How many calories burned? How much protein, fat, carbs? Did I drink enough water?  Did I cave? Did I slip up? What is the scale going to say?  Exhausting sometimes, right?  

I decided to take a different approach this week and just take a step back, practice good habits and look at this journey as something I get to do, choose to do and want to do rather than something I must do, have to do, need to do or should do.  Words of choice (can, want, choose, and get to) are empowering.  They encourage future success.  Words of obligation (need, must, have to and should) make failure more likely, are exhausting and disempowering.  I remember when my parents said no?  My desire was to choose the opposite and "show them".  I find when I relax and empower myself with choosing enabling words my success is greater and my angst is lower.

My challenge to all my Fitera friends is to listen to your words this week.  Are you choosing or are you obligating?  Write them down as you hear them.  Listen to others.  Are they choosing or are they obligating?  It's everywhere.  It's like when you get a new car, suddenly you see that model everywhere.  They have always been there, but just not in your frame of reference.  Listen and be intentional.  Soon you'll be choosing better words and having better success.  Let me know if this works for you.  It does for me.