I walked more than usual last week based on the challenge. 

I am just finishing up one of my summer projects: painting the office. I just have touch-ups, wall decor, and furniture arranging left. 

I lost 1/2 lb. 

I found time to sit outside and read

My husband and I took a short road trip to a state park we hadn't visited in many years. 

I scheduled a trip/flight to Dallas, during Christmas break, to visit my sister who lives in TX. This is my Christmas gift from my husband. 

I didn't have any deadlines, other than ones I set for myself. I'm grateful to have the gift of time right now. I officially go back to work one month from today. The last big project I want to complete is to get our outdoor/deck space figured out. We know we are going to tear off our old deck, but haven't decided yet what our replacement will be. 

Make healthy decisions this week!