from our overnight trip to Tiburon. It was beautiful. We saw Robin Williams home that just sold for $7.5 million. I thought some of the regular homes there were so beautiful too. The everyday homes. What a beautiful place to live. I had the best Crab Louie salad with Dungness Crab. Timothy had fish tacos made with sea bass.  Outside of that we didn't eat much but we picked up a few things at the Organic store we like and have to visit every time and on our way out of the area we went to Peets for coffee and we went into the Nugget Organic store which is always such a delight. Full of things we don't see much at other stores. I got the nicest Brussels Sprouts and I'm going to cut them very thin and make a fresh salad out fo them. I saw on TV the trick is to cut the little stem section off and then remove the outer loose leaves, thereby missing any bitter tastes. I'll let you know how that goes once I try it.   I recently saw a salad where they had taken a potato peeler and used it on asparagus which they then dropped those 'shavings' into a regular green salad and I want to try that. 

Lisa I love your room. Coming along nicely. You really got on that and are knocking it out so quickly. You are very motivating. : )