everyone from the USA is on an extended weekend for Independence Day. I love our country and our flag and the people. I'm always ready to celebrate the 4th of July.

We have never been big on fireworks. When our kids were young of course we always bought some for them. I do remember those small North Dakota towns I grew up in. We could see for miles so any famlies that had fireworks were essentially sharing them with everyone else. 

My parents would get the black snakes and sparklers for us. Also the poppers you toss on the ground and they go off. I was in my mom's best friends yard with a sparkler twirling in my dress with it and my dress caught on fire. I vaguely recall being at the doctors and having these big cotton balls dipped in a cooling liqued and put on my skin. I don't have any scars from it. My mom's friend is now 98 and she asked me recently if I remembered that event. I said yes parts of it but more than that I remember your daughter and I eating all the blueberries you had frozen for pies, then hearing you say I think I feel like making a blueberry pie today. Your Judy and I looked at each other and froze. I left for home immediately and she went to hide. LOL    See I'm not kidding when I say I have always loved blueberries.

Incase I am not on tomorrow Happy 4th of July. Also to our Canadian friends I hope you all had a Happy Canada Day earlier this week.