I can't believe it is the last day of July. (as it is 1:30 am right now on Friday morning as I write this)

It has been nonstop here and I am searching my mind trying to remember what we ate today. Well ok now I know. I slipped up and didn't have one vegetable on Thursday. I had a piece of canteloupe and a slice of bacon and a hot dog. Wow that is all I took time for today.  The day just got away from us. I promise to stop and eat tomorrow. I have a small roast thawing and I am going to put that in the crockpot with carrots, celery, mushrooms, onion and potatoes.  I also got a head of lettuce today so will give that a whirl in the salad spinner. There's tomato and avocado in the fridge to put with the salad. It will be a vegetable day tomorrow. 

I think I have 4-5 boxes left to pack and then we can start cleaning top to bottom and outside windows. After that we need to stage the yard to give it some curb appeal. Does anyone know if you can rent plants. I"m serious. I never would have thought of that but my husband had it on the to do list. Personally since our soil is so so bad I think pretty colored pots and flowering plants would be a good way to go. All this staging does add up quickly though. We did a bit of shopping towards that end today. The one thing I feel ok about is I got all on sale, a good sale, and it is all stuff that will work in our new home and I adore all each thing we bought.   My husband is the type that goes into a house and sees where he can put his computer equipment, where he can put his TV/speakers and that is all that matters to him. LOL  He actually talks like people might not even look at all the rooms of the house or try the faucets, open cupboards, etc. I just smiled at him and did the eye roll. He is pretty cute when he is so serious about this. When I do that then he smiles too but still has that serious professor look on his face. Wel we find our balance in one another.