Today the temperatures hit 102 degrees so it was another stay indoor & drinks lots of liquids type of day.  On days like this I simply cannot help but think of our ancestors who lived these type of days without air conditioning in their homes and traveled in this type of heat by walking, riding a horse,  on wagon or riding on a train...all without the livery of air conditioning we have available to us today.  What a blessing to be on earth @ this time in man's history!  I'm so grateful!!!  Today I ate more of the zucchini soup like casserole I made a couple of days ago & this evening Paul picked 3 more zucchinis, another cucumber & some green beans.  After the picking from the garden, he & I went on a nice walk around our neighborhood and by the time we arrived back home we were walking in the moonlight.  So fun!!!  Happy Saturday to each of you!  I am now going to snip the ends of of the green beans as it is one of my favorite things to do via contributing to the garden duties! LOL